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When your business outgrows the functionality that a simple static web site can offer, you need to implement a more complex dynamic web site that is capable to interact with your clients or viewers. Web applications are business strategies and policies implemented on the Web through the use of User, Business and Data services. QC builds custom web applications according to client specific requirements utilizing the advanced, cutting edge technologies that combine appealing design, rich functionality and robust management tools. You might need a secure online store or shopping cart, product catalog system, password protected areas, advanced data mining and search facilities, RSS aggregation, SOAP, xml API integration, employee management system or even another! A1 Net Solutions can build such a web site for you. With the level of experience and expertise that our web application developers have to offer, you can rest assured that your users are getting what they are looking for and you are getting the return on investment more than you hoped for.

Today all kind of businesses are moving more and more of their basic internal and external business operations onto the internet. Because it allows them to automate their unique processes that have been developed and grown accustomed to while reaching a greater audience. You can take advantages of this opportunity too with our help. We will develop the custom web application for your business that will allow you to manage business from anywhere in the world, communicate with clients, access a history of information shared, milestones reached, invoices outstanding, communications sent and received; even internal correspondence can be monitored and managed.

We can help you build:

Interactive e-commerce web sites with shopping cart and powerful and easily configurable store management from a Web Browser.
Utilize real-time payment processing or manual credit card processing and seamless integration of the online store into the overall Web site
Integration of your web site with paypal, worldpay, 2checkout (2co), moneybookers,
Integration with popular spcial networking sites like Facebook (using FBML), Twitter etc. using their APIs
Integration with Google Video and Images API
Integration with Google Friend Connect and javascript APIs
Integration with any RSS feed or aggregate RSS feeds
Interactive photo gallery web sites
Custom content management system (CMS)
Large scale custom portal
Full scale social networking websites (developed with elgg, social engine etc.)
Web-ready applications migrating from the legacy applications

A1 Net Solutions ensures clients' return on investment by attaining their business goals through designing, developing, integrating and supporting mission critical web applications and systems through the use of all the latest technologies and solutions available in the book.
Our expertise's in dynamic web application development encompass:

Web Development Services:

Database design and programming
Database integration
Data importing and cross-feeding
Dynamic page creation
Developing web interface for data entry
Create custom site engine
Add features to or modifying existing script (proprietary or open source)

Web Development Technologies:

PHP 4 and PHP 5
MVC Frameworks (cakephp, codeigniter, elgg)
AJAX (MooTools, Jquery)
Flash Action Scripting (2.0, 3.0)

The LAMP technology:

A1 Net Solutions specialiazes in Php/mysql based solutions and web application developments. In other word, the LAMP technology. As an effective alternative to proprietary software, LAMP (Linux + Apache + MySQL + PHP) Open Source technologies take lead at websites and web applications development market and are becoming a platform of choice for developing robust dynamic web solutions at an affordable cost.

Web development process:

A1 Net Solutions follows industry standard methodology to ensure quality and on time delivery of your web system. The following is an outline of the general web development process we maintain.

Development Process Overview
We follow six steps in the process of developing the dream web solution for you:

Recognizing the target audience and defining the true purpose of the web site to ensure client return on investment. By the end of this phase both QC and client should also possess a clear understanding of the scope of the project. What features and functionalities should the final solution possess etc.
Creating design prototype. This design usually reflects color themes, imagery, typography; and ideas about the site structure and navigation. The design also illustrates a good deal about the site map, which is basically a high-level diagram of the overall structure of a site.
Enhancing the navigation, layout, and flow of the selected design according to client inputs and usability testing performed by our own specialists. During this phase the design is iteratively refined, detailed, and informally tested. Aspects such as the precise typeface of labels and body text, the exact sizes and appearances of images, and color schemes and palettes are determined. At most cases every single page of the site is not designed, they are split into classes of page (such as home page, second level page, etc).
Developing the full web solution, complete with code, contents and images in our local server. Entire code, graphics, database (if any) and HTML are thoroughly tested, both individually and as whole unit to ensure the web site is working as flawlessly as possible and it is loading at optimum speed.
Bug and usability testing:
Testing the system in a production environment and check if all the functionality are working as they should. Testing for user friendliness. Client involvement is most intense in this phase who constantly provides feedback on all the features to ensure that the system matches his/her expectations.
Implementing the web site in the client hosting server and configuring it.

Client Interactions:
A1 Net Solutions is reputed for intensive client support and client interactions. As soon as we start the development process, we assign you a ticket in our Project Tracking System(PTS), where you can log in any time and follow the progress of your system. A ticket is assigned for every project we work on for you. We post updates and status of your project in the PTS almost everyday.
You can post your reviews and inputs in the ticket system based on your evaluation from the live testing area. QC then takes necessary actions and post the updates for you to check. The system is super easy to use and you can follow up everything in one place. No need to send back and forth or keep track of hundreds of emails. If you have multiple projects with us, you can log on to the system using single user id and password and track the progress of all projects in one place.
If necessary, besides the ticket system, we can also contact you by Phone and of course, email.

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